WHY become an Empower Golf Hub


Change or Perish

It’s no secret that many golf clubs are struggling. Golf Australia’s 2012 National Golf Census reported that nationally membership numbers had fallen by an average of 1.48% per year since 2000, and that 62% of all members were aged over 55 years.

  • People’s entertainment budgets are less and maintaining golf club membership is no longer automatic.
  • At the same time, the cost of club maintenance has remained constant.
  • As a result, memberships are dwindling, and clubs must diversify their income streams and tap new playing markets.

Becoming an Empower Golf Hub is a unique way to face these challenges.

Accessing additional funding

By partnering with Empower Golf, a registered charity, to establish a disability golfing hub, clubs can tap into new sources of funding for equipment, facilities, and golf clinics. Empower Golf has the expertise to guide you through the various funding opportunities.

Membership – Retain and Grow

ParaGolfers were primarily designed for wheelchair users, but they can also be used by people as they find walking more difficult with age. This will enable a club’s existing members to continue to play the game they love for as long as possible.

Similarly, by making club facilities more accessible, it benefits all members.

Becoming a Empower Golf Hub also creates the opportunity for exciting voluntary roles for club members, enabling them to share their passion for golf with their inherent sense of community service.

We encourage Empower Golf Hubs to form an Inclusion and Accessibility Committee or vote for a Club Inclusion Champion drawn from the club’s membership, and there are a myriad of ways to help at clinics and to introduce disabled players to the course and other members. By engaging with the members and the wider local community on a deeper level, membership retention is strengthened.

Diversifying income

Becoming a disability hub can also provide an opportunity for the golf club to engage with the local businesses, community groups and service organisations. This can be through community fundraising for a ParaGolfer or other adaptive equipment. This can introduce the club to new members and break down any elitist preconceptions in the local community.

By engaging with the local community, the club can also promote their other facilities, such as cafe and venue hire.

A chat costs nothing

If you would like to discuss your options, please contact James Gribble.