Host a Clinic

As part of Empower Golf’s aim to make golf as accessible as possible, we can organise a Come and Try Golf clinic exclusively for your organisation or group.

This is an ideal way to try a new activity without leaving the security of each person’s circle of friends and support.

This is also helpful when our usual clinic days don’t coincide with the days that your group ordinarily meets.

As always, Empower Golf encourages clinic participants to bring their family, friends and carers to our clinics.

How much does it cost?
We understand that funds are often tight for disability support groups, so we operate on a cost recovery model. We work on the basis of around $200 for a clinic, irrespective of the number of participants (within reason, of course). However, if even these modest fees are too much, let’s chat.

So what’s the catch?
Some groups have expressed a concern that this offer is somehow too good to be true – That somehow we could only be running these clinics to sell something else.

On the contrary, our payoff is to help people find a new activity or to reconnect with a sport they thought impossible. For many of The Team at Empower Golf, we have lived experience of the power of golf to transform a person’s life, so we want to share it too. . . . And we are lucky enough to have found financial supporters who also share our vision.

While we do run private coaching, this is never aggressively marketed at our Come and Try clinics (we’re normally too busy enjoying the players’ company and shared stories). It is only when a player shows a particular interest in continuing to play that private coaching is considered. And even then, we assist the player to access appropriate funding.

See it for yourself
We understand that any new activity brings its own set of challenges, so we encourage you or a member of your team to observe one of our regular Come and Try Golf clinics. Click here for future dates.

More information
If you have any questions, please contact James Gribble.