Individual Funding

At Empower Golf, we understand the funding challenges faced in starting any new activity. This is why we work hard to keep our Come and Try Golf clinics free for people living with a disability.

We can also help you navigate through the many avenues for funding your golf participation, whether it be for the purchase of adaptive equipment (including the ParaGolfer) or continued coaching and play.

Empower Golf is registered as a service provider under the NDIS scheme. With predictions of 460,000 people being eligible for the NDIS, we are looking forward to meeting a lot more players.

Click here for more information about NDIS Funding options.

Work Related
Empower Golf has had success to assist a wheelchair user to fund the purchase of a ParaGolfer under the National Job Access scheme.

Contact James Gribble for more information about accessing funding through the Job Access scheme.

Motor Vehicle Accident
If your disability is the result of a motor vehicle accident, you may be eligible for funding through your state-based motor vehicle accident insurance scheme. We have had success assisting people to gain funding under the iCare (formerly Lifetime Care and Support) in NSW and TAC in Victoria.

Contact James Gribble for more information.

Knowledge is Power
If you have experience of gaining individual funding through other means, we’d love to speak to you, so we can assist as many people as possible. Please contact James Gribble.