Empower Golf Tournament – 17 October 2017

Congratulations to everyone who took part in Empower Golf’s second all disabilities golf tournament at Long Reef Golf Club. Following on from the success of Empower Golf’s inaugural golf tournament in April, we decided that a year was far too long to wait for our next tournament.

With a combination of new and experienced competitors, the day brought out the best in each player. It was encouraging to see the improvement in skill level from all players. It is a testament to their hard work and dedication to the game, and to the coaching of Lachy Foulsham. In addition to coaching the players, Lachy also spent countless hours organising the event.


The success of the day is due to a small army of people and supporters.

For this tournament, we were pleased to welcome Taylormade as the major prize sponsor.

Thank you to the staff and management of Long Reef Golf Club for your continuing support and encouragement.

A huge thank you also to the many volunteers who made the day a success. They were on hand hours before the first ball was teed up, until the very end of the day. Thank you for your efforts. You not only made this event possible, but also made all of us feel like part of a community.

And if somehow volunteering all day wasn’t enough, super volunteer David Costello was also kind enough to donate golf balls as prizes for the participants. Thank you.


Two separate rounds of competition were run, with a handicap system put in place by Head Coach Lachy Foulsham to ensure a level playing field.

Round 1 – 3 Hole Nett Competition Winner – Katrena Raymond

Round 2 – 6 Hole Nett Competition Winner – Richard Bacon

Overall Scratch Winner – Vic Barisic