Gripping Solutions

For people with limited hand function or upper limb amputation, there is a vast array of gripping solutions that can be employed to enable or improve the player’s hold on the golf club.

In our experience, we have managed to provide a solution for any level of hand and wrist function, including Empower Golf’s founder James Gribble (C4-5 incomplete quadriplegic with minimal wrist and hand function) who has had to road test many solutions including those below.

The simplest gripping solution is to use a broad strip of reinforced elastic with sturdy velcro fastening to firmly strap a player’s hand to the club.

Although this solution provides a solid grip, depending on the player’s overall hand function, assistance from a caddy or helper could be required.

An alternative is a customised glove with a gripping tube.

The club is inserted into the tube.

The customised glove firmly holds the club in a consistent manner.

As each person is different, there may be a period of trial and error to find a solution that you are comfortable with.

And like any golf swing, there will be days when the griping solution will seem to work better than other days.

Email James Gribble or call him on 0466-825 044 for more details.