Private Coaching

At Empower Golf, we support players at every level of play, from before the first time they pick up a club to international competition.

After a few visits to our famous Come and Try Golf clinics, if you decide that you enjoy golf and would like to play more, consider private coaching. Private coaching will ensure that you have targeted tuition to focus on different aspects of your game.

Regular Private Coaching around Sydney

We have numerous coaches running regular private coaching sessions at Long Reef Golf Club, North Turramurra Golf Club and The Ridge at Barden Ridge.

Many players like to combine private lessons with Come and Try Golf clinics, so they can simultaneously receive personalised attention to improve their golf, as well as catch up with friends at a clinic.

Available times for private lessons can fill quickly, so call James Gribble on 0466 825 044 to secure your timeslot.

If the time or venue is not possible for you or you would like to be connected with other disability trained Golf Professionals around the country, then contact James for other options.


Depending upon your situation, a variety of funding options many be available. We have had success with assisting players to access funding through a variety of sources including NDIS, Job Access and State based motor vehicle accident schemes. Contact James for the latest information.