Course Access

The Next Stage

At Empower Golf, we understand that for many players there can be numerous obstacles in their path to access the benefits of independent golf play with friends, even after developing their game under the guidance of an Empower Golf coach. Some players have indicated that while they were happy with how they could hit a golf ball, they are unsure how to bridge the gap to independent play.

Given that each player is unique, their specific requirements are individual too. Empower Golf will tailor a package to bridge the gap.

For some players, this might be assistance to transfer to a ParaGolfer or to tee up golf balls. For others, it might be someone illuminate the unwritten laws of golf etiquette and the unravel the mechanics of a golf club. Many of these challenges are the same challenges faced by any new player, but others are disabilty specific.

More information and Funding

Depending upon your situation, a variety of funding options many be available. We have had success with assisting players to access funding through a variety of sources including NDIS, Job Access and State based motor vehicle accident schemes. Contact James for the latest information.