At Empower Golf, we love sharing our passion for golf. We support players from before they pick up a club for the first time, all the way to international competition.

Getting Started

For people starting out, we encourage you to attend one of our Come and Try Golf clinics (Click for Calendar). In 2018, we will run over 200 Come and Try Golf clinics in every state and territory in the country (and both New Zealand North and South islands). Our Come and Try Golf clinics are the ideal way to introduce new players to the game for the first time, and to reintroduce former players to the game they love after accident or illness. Read More about Come and Try Golf clinics.

Developing your Game

After attending a few Come and Try Golf clinics, if you decide that you would like to play more, then you should consider private coaching to help you to achieve your goals. In NSW, Empower Golf employs Australia’s only full time disability Golf Pro, Lachy Foulsham. Lachy is available for private coaching on most Wednesday mornings at Long Reef Golf Club, and at other times and places by arrangement. Read More about private coaching. . . .

Private Golf Tours

Combining golf with travel is a great way to see the rest of Australia and beyond.

In June 2018, Empower Golf trialled a small group tour in regional NSW to test the concept. Four players each brought a playing family member or friend to accompany the group. With 4 ParaGolfers, 4 wheelchairs, 8 Golf kits and associated golfing and attendant care paraphernalia, the logistics were challenging, but the end results more than justified the planning. Read more about Private Golf Tours. . . .


There are a myriad of ways that you can compete in golf, whether it be between friends, Empower Golf’s own tournaments, club competitions, or disability specific tournaments.

Empower Golf believes that healthy competition is a great catalyst to new goals and continued improvement. We are involved in advocating for golf to be included in Paralympic competition, supporting disabled Australian golfers competing internationally and training athletes for the Invictus Games.