Shane Luke


Shane is currently one of the world’s leading amputee golfers.

At the age of 15 he lost his right leg (from above the knee) to bone cancer after 3 months of heavy chemotherapy. A further 9 months of chemotherapy was administered to help ensure it did not return.

He had been given a 50/50 chance of survival and today is grateful to still be around.

Previous to losing his leg he was an avid sportsperson and loved playing golf, cricket, tennis, soccer and rugby league.

One day after losing his leg whilst still receiving chemotherapy he felt wanted to go out and do something. His father suggested golf. Initially, he didn’t know how it would be possible but his father teed up the balls whilst he stood on one leg and struck the ball.

Both were absolutely amazed and it was the first real smile he’d had on his face after losing his leg.

He’s never looked back, nor has he ever fallen hitting a golf ball.

He believes golf was his rehabilitation for life and hopes to inspire others in achieving their goals.

Shane finished 2nd overall at the World Championships of Disabled Golf in 2014 in Japan.


His Dad

Nearest Golf Club

Bankstown Golf Club

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