Quadriplegic golfer James Gribble pictured at Moore Park Golf Course. Picture: Attila Szilvasi.

The ParaGolfer is an all-terrain wheelchair that raises the user into a standing position, to allow a more conventional golf swing.

The ParaGolfer is able to access most areas of the golf course. Its low-pressure tyres and wide stance allow it to be used on all areas of the golf course (including greens and appropriately designed bunkers), and on the driving range and practice area.

For James Gribble, the ParaGolfer was the missing link to his return to the game he loved.

You can try a ParaGolfer at any of our regular Come and Try Golf clinics. Click here to view our events and book online. ParaGolfers are available to hire at Empower Golf Hubs around the country.

Apart from golf, the ParaGolfer can be used for any activity that would benefit from its all-terrain capabilities and stand-up functionality. Our players have used it for activities such as fishing, archery, photography, shooting, and just hugging a loved one.

The ParaGolfer is regularly used by people with high level spinal cord injuries, but can also be used by anyone with mobility or stability issues.

ParaGolfer FAQ page

Contact James at or call him on 0466-825 044 if you are interested in purchasing a ParaGolfer for personal or club use.

See the incredible ParaGolfer in action!!!!