Lachy Foulsham – Coach NSW

Lachy is passionate about two things: helping those with disabilities and improving your golf game.

Prior to becoming a member of the PGA in 2013 Lachy spent 7 years working in the disability sector, including organising and delivering multi-sport programs. While working as an attendant carer, Lachy realised that disability care focused on a person’s physical needs but did not necessarily encompass the complete person. As a result, he has a unique combination of skills and unrivalled insight into coaching golf for those living with disabilities.

In helping his good friend, James Gribble, regain his life through shepherding his return to the game he loves, Lachlan and James realised that golf could be used as way to reconnect people with their goals and communities.

Lachy is Empower Golf’s head coach, based in NSW. He is available to revolutionise your game through private lessons and at our clinics. Lachy has an incredibly strong track record of significantly improving individuals’ set up, swing, ball flight and overall performance. In addition, Lachy can assist individuals or groups access appropriate funding.

To contact Lachy or book a session, please call or email him on 0402-896 123 or