The Team

James Gribble – CEO and Founder

James founded Empower Golf Australia with the aim of changing lives through the medium of golf.

From the very first night of his accident, while waiting for medical evacuation, James kept his fear in check by playing through rounds of golf in his head. Throughout his rehabilitation, returning to golf was a potent goal for James as he continued his punishing training regime.

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Ben Tullipan – Golf Coach, QLD

Ben was the worst injured survivor from the Bali bombing in October 2002. Standing only 5 metres from the car bomb when it was detonated, the blast took both of Ben’s legs, most of his stomach muscles, and his hearing in one ear. It gave him more than 63% full thickness burns to his body. His injuries were so severe that he was initially thought to be dead.

But he survived, and started playing golf as a means of rehabilitation and recreation. He has since shared his experiences and passion for the game with other people.

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Lachy Foulsham – Head Coach, NSW based

Lachy is passionate about two things: helping those with disabilities and improving your golf game.

Having worked in the disability sector prior to becoming a qualified PGA Golf Professional, he has a unique combination of skills which make him a premier golf coach for those with disabilities.

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